The Edinburgh Brain Bank for Multiple Sclerosis

Newly launched Edinburgh MS Brain Bank is a collaborative project with the MRC and the MS Society.

Scotland has the highest frequency of people living with multiple sclerosis in the world. Although we have made great progress in understanding the cause of MS and how to treat it, we still need to improve this understanding further to help the next generation of people living with MS and develop better treatments.nerve cells (orange) and astrocytes (green) in the brain

One way of doing this is to carry out research using brain and spinal cord tissue from people with MS. This will allow our researchers to study the areas of MS damage to see whether changes in the brain can be linked to changes in disability. Looking directly at the brain tissue will help our understanding of the disease which will hopefully lead to more effective treatments for the future.

For further information please ask your consultant neurologist or MS specialist nurse who will be able to help, or you can contact Senior Research Nurse, Tracey Millar via email tracey/ or telephone (0131 465 9522).


Funding Acknowledgements

This project is supported by the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic, Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Medical Research Council.