Huntington's disease clinic

Huntington's disease clinics are facilitated on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon of each month. 

Referrals come from the department of clinical genetics in Edinburgh who work in collaboration with other services to identify Huntington's disease families living in Lothian and the Borders.  

Both new and review patients are seen at the clinic. The initial visit and assessment will last approximately 2 hours. The assessment includes a comprehensive review of past medical history and a specific assessment of clinical symptoms and how they impact on daily living.

Patients will be followed up yearly thereafter with relevant intervention provided between visits.


Clinical research opportunities

Patients will be invited to take part in the Huntington's disease Register. The purpose of the Register is to develop better insights and understanding about disease progression and to facilitate interventional clinical trials.

For more information about ongoing research see HD Buzz (Huntington's research news in plain language).



Professor Mary Porteous, Consultant and Lead Clinician for Clinical Genetics, SE Scotland

What is Huntington's disease?