Cognitive disorders clinic

The regional cognitive disorders clinic receives referrals from primary care, neurologists, general adult and older adult psychiatry, and general physicians from NHS Lothian, Forth Valley, Borders and Fife.

Patients are reviewed by an inter-disciplinary clinical team with assessments lasting 1.5-2.0 hours including a review of clinical symptoms, cognitive testing and a detailed physical examination.

Further tests are arranged to establish the cause of cognitive symptoms including blood tests, gene testing, brain imaging and cerebrospinal fluid examination (lumbar punctures).

In addition to a fortnightly general cognitive disorders clinic, there are regular specialist clinics for: cognitive genetics, early-onset Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia, progressive aphasias, posterior cortical atrophy and corticobasal syndrome.

Clinical Research Opportunities

Patients are invited to participate in the Edinburgh Cognitive Diagnosis Audit Research and Treatment Register (CDC-DART) and associated DNA and cerebrospinal fluid research tissue banks.

The purpose of the register is to gain a better understanding about the clinical features of cognitive disorders and how they progress, enable earlier and more accurate diagnosis and build a framework for evaluating treatments and interventions as they become available.


Dr Suvankar Pal, Consultant Neurologist & NHS Research Scotland Research Fellow

Dr Guy Holloway, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist

Professor Sharon Abrahams, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Thomas Bak, Clinical Research Fellow

Mrs Shuna Colville, Senior Nurse Specialist

Dr Tim Wilkinson, Research Registrar

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What are cognitive disorders?