Clinic Director and J.K. Rowling interviewed on Woman's Hour

29 April 2014

Prof Charles ffrench-Constant (Director of the Anne Rowling Clinic and the University of Edinburgh Centre for Regenerative Medicine) was interviewed yesterday about multiple sclerosis (MS) research on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

The programme was guest edited by the author J.K. Rowling - the first ever guest editor in the history of Woman's Hour, and part of this week's Woman's Hour Takeover. One of the topics Ms Rowling chose was MS in Scotland, and why it disproportionately affects Scottish women. Prof Charles ffrench-Constant and BBC journalist Elizabeth Quigley discussed the condition and the research going on at the Anne Rowling Clinic.

Ms Rowling also talked extensively about her mother's MS, how it affected her family and why she chose to found the Anne Rowling Clinic.

More about the programme on the Woman's Hour website

Listen to the full programme on BBC iplayer (approx 5 min to 15 min)

Coverage of the programme in The Guardian

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