We have the most wonderful fundraisers!

14 December 2015

Our fundraisers are simply awesome and, from the bottom of our hearts, we are extremely grateful to each and every one of them...

March 2015

  • Carol Donnelly took part in a 5x50 challenge which saw her cycle 5k each day for fifty days in support of the Anne Rowling Clinic.
  • Guests celebrating Alan and Jeanette Smith’s Golden Wedding donated to the Anne Rowling Clinic in lieu of gifts.
  • Joan Leslie produced and sold fabric diary covers to raise money for the Clinic.

May 2015

  • John Laffey completed the Edinburgh Half Marathon.
  • Stephen Barclay took on the Belfast Marathon.

June 2015

  • Joanna Barclay showed her mettle when she completed the Tough Mudder.
  • Mr & Mrs Janssens supported the Anne Rowling Clinic when they celebrated their Ruby Wedding – congratulations on being wed for 40 years.

July 2015

  • Christina, Darrin and Greg Borthwick, Chris Campbell, Darren Higgens, Graham Campbell, Grant Saunders, Jason Early, Mark Seymour, Sam Campbell, Tom Winnington and Willie Stevenson along with chef Mhairi Borthwick and drivers Alex Chapman and Angela McCowan, completed the Three Peak 24 Hour Mountain Challenge in a mere 21 hours and in doing so raised over £1,250 in aid of the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.
  • Brynja Duthie, of Madras College, organised a weekend of bag packing at Tesco, St Andrews, to raise funds for the Anne Rowling Clinic.

August 2015

  • Brynja Duthie also organised a street collection in St Andrews.
  • Emma Loftus took part in the Paisley 10k.

September 2015

  • Brynja Duthie and Donald Grewar organised a fundraising fun run in St Andrews that saw approximately 450 people take part in this inaugural run.
  • John Laffey completed his second sponsored run in aid of the Anne Rowling Clinic by taking part in the Great North Run.
  • Neil Oliver took part in the Crossmichael Triathlon for the fourth year running, once again in support of the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

October 2015

  • Rachel Le Derf hosted a fantastic ceilidh at the Royal College of Physicians.
  • Emma Loftus completed the Glasgow half marathon.
  • John Laffey completed his third running challenge when he took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon.

November 2015

  • Chris Martin and Harvey Munn organised a Golf Day.
  • Scarlett, Clara, Lukas, Morven and Nagda hosted Rock’n’Rowling.


Next year has something extra, a day for free, a whole 24 hours of bonus time that can be used to step out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary.

In 2016 we want you to use your extra day to fundraise for the University and become part of the Big Leap. This could be February 29, but equally it could be any day in 2016. We will be organising a number of events that you can participate in throughout the year, including a cake bake record attempt on Monday 29 February.  Alternatively, you can organise your own creative fundraising endeavour.

Please visit www.ed.ac.uk/big-leap to find out how you can support us.


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