FutureMS study now recruiting in Lothian

12 May 2016

November 2015 saw the academic launch of our new clinical research project, FutureMS. The FutureMS study which is now open for recruitment in Lothian, aims to develop a tool that will predict the severity of MS.


FutureMS clinical consultation

When people are newly diagnosed with MS, they do not know what the future will hold. Most people experience occasional bouts of symptoms called 'relapses', but doctors cannot predict how often, and how severe, these relapses will be. This can make it difficult for people to make decisions about their lifestyle, work and family.

People with MS need a tool to predict - as early as possible - how severe their MS is likely to be.


Personalised medicine

Doctors and scientists at the Anne Rowling Clinic are leading the FutureMS research study to try to predict disease severity in people with MS.

We will use clinical examinations, MRI brain imaging and genetics to try to predict how severe an individual's MS will be.

We aim to help doctors prescribe the right medication at the right time for the right person. This is sometimes called ‘personalised medicine’.

FutureMS might help doctors decide the most appropriate treatment for people with MS. It might help to remove the uncertainty that a diagnosis of MS can bring.

A Scotland-wide study

People who have recently been diagnosed with relapsing-onset multiple sclerosis in Scotland will be invited to take part in the study. There will be clinical research hubs in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The study is funded by the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre with industry partners.

FutureMS clinical examinationFutureMS brain scan

MS is an unpredictable disease. Consequently the newly diagnosed are faced with uncertainty about what course “their” MS might take. This matters as knowing the likely trajectory of their MS will empower the individual to make more informed choices about potential treatment options as well as planning for their own life. Removing this uncertainty is the goal of FutureMS.

Professor Siddharthan Chandran, MacDonald Professor of Neurology


Launch event

Colleagues at the FutureMS launchIn November 2015 we held an academic launch of the project in Edinburgh. Neurologists and specialist nurses, patient and charity representatives, e-health, bioinformaticians and genomics experts gathered to meet each other and learn more about this exciting venture.

Pictured are Dr Pete Connick, Principal Investigator, with FutureMS Research Nurses Sara Hathorn (middle) and Chris Batchelor (right).

Read a Storify summary of tweets about our Launch event.

Study enquiries

It is hoped 500 people newly diagnosed with relapsing-onset MS will contribute to the study. For more information please see the study website www.future-ms.org,  follow us on Twitter @FutureMSstudy, or email future-ms@ed.ac.uk.

Please note that we are now open for recruitment for Lothian patients with other hubs opening later in 2016.

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