Beth's Hogwarts Challenge

15 January 2013

Beth Watling writes... The world of Harry Potter has done a lot for me, and I am not alone in this. I am one of millions who turn to Dumbledore for advice, to Fred and George for a laugh, to Luna for a friend, to Hogwarts for a home. Like many others, I have found myself within these books, and found friendships in the form of other fans. JK Rowling's imagination has built a world that has grown far beyond the words she wrote.

Platform 934So many people worldwide have returned to the world of Harry Potter time and time again, whether by book or by film. If you’re one of these people, here’s your chance to be part of an event to honour the ethos of J.K Rowling and the world of Harry Potter.

There is no Hogwarts Express, there is no Knight Bus or Ford Anglia and not even a broomstick to get you there so I guess we’ll just have to walk from King’s Cross to Edinburgh Castle. This will begin on the 12th August 2013.

To support Jo's philanthropy I have decided to raise funds for two of her favourite charities; The Anne Rowling Regenerative Clinic, and Lumos. I would be grateful to anyone for their support, whether by taking part, or by donating.

Hogwarts doorMy friends Jonathan and Joe will be walking with me all the way – I hope some of you can join me for some part of the walk as well. If you would like to join the walk at any stage, for as long as you like, feel free to contact me (Beth)

Or if you would prefer to take part by donating, please visit Beth's fundraising page at

Each pound you donate will make a real difference, thank you.


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