Introducing our newest PhD student, Dr Daisy Mollison

8 December 2015

Dr Daisy Mollison is a radiologist who will be using MRI scans to investigate problems with cognition in people with multiple sclerosis.

Daisy MollisonSome people with multiple sclerosis experience problems with cognition, like attention and memory, which can really affect everyday life and being able to work. Sometimes it’s quite separate from whether they have physical disability. I’m interested in why some people have these problems and others don’t, and how we can detect it earlier to try to help.

I did my medical training in England, but came home to Edinburgh to specialise in radiology. I think it’s an exciting time to be a radiologist with so many new advances in imaging techniques showing us different ways of looking inside the human body, such as diffusion tensor imaging, which we can use to monitor subtle damage to the white matter pathways in the brain.

Edinburgh’s got a really strong record in brain imaging research and I’m working with some of the experts here to apply these techniques to MS. I’m particularly involved in the MS-SMART study and looking at how the different patterns showing up on MRI scans relate to cognitive problems.

The Anne Rowling Clinic’s a great community and my colleagues are always challenging me with questions about all sorts of scans. I hope the results of our research will help with all Clinic visits in the future, so we can maximise the information we get from each scan.

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