Thoughts from a Chilean working visitor

22 January 2014

Dr Manuel Alvarado Pastenes, a neurologist from Chile, recently spent several months on a working visit at the Anne Rowling Clinic, under the supervision of Dr Thomas Bak.


We enjoyed hosting Manuel, and are pleased that he found his visit worthwhile. We'd also like to thank him for translating several email enquiries into Spanish for us!


Manuel has written the following about his experiences:

I am a medical doctor from Chile. I was four years working in the Chilean Patagonia as a general practitioner in that beautiful region of southern Chile and then got a scholarship to study neurology at the University of Chile. In the third and final year of specialization I was lucky to have a stay with Dr Thomas Bak at the University of Edinburgh. I chose the University of Edinburgh for their tradition and multiculturalism, and especially Dr Thomas Bak for his studies in dementia, an important issue currently in Chile, and personally I am very interested in motor problems. It was a great experience both professionally and personally, to know another culture, another language, and work at a premier medical centre, besides the weather and the scenery is very similar to the Chilean Patagonia, although the food is very different! I look forward to continue working with Thomas Bak from Chile in future clinical research on dementia and I hope return to Scotland and Edinburgh University in the future.

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