Senior Clinical Research Fellow appointed

23 January 2013

Dr Peter ConnickDr Peter Connick has recently been appointed as Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the Anne Rowling Clinic. His remit is to take forward potential treatments for neurodegenerative disease, with a particular interest in progressive MS.

Speaking about his position, Dr Connick says "Meeting this challenge means designing and running clinical trials where the right patient gets the right treatment at the right stage of their disease.

Much of what I do is therefore focussed on the field of "stratified medicine": that is, developing ways to reliably define active biological processes in the nervous system of patients who have complex degenerative diseases so that they can be appropriately directed to treatments that are relevant.

The second major part of my role is to develop better ways of measuring the effects of treatment so that researchers and clinicians can determine if the intervention is having an effect, how big that effect is, and the part of the disease pathology that is being influenced.

Putting these two aims together will create a platform to take the many exciting discoveries that are made in the lab forward into clinical trials."

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