First Rowling Scholar seeks to unlock the mysteries of pain in MS

1 October 2012

Dr Peter FoleyDr Peter Foley, a clinical PhD student whose research explores pain in MS, has been appointed as the Anne Rowling Clinic’s first Rowling Scholar. Pain caused by damage to the central nervous system, or neuropathic pain, is a common symptom in MS. Its causes, however, are poorly understood. Dr Foley hopes his study, Clinical and fMRI Investigation of Neuropathic Pain Mechanisms in Multiple Sclerosis, will lead to insights into the causes of MSā€related neuropathic pain and potentially contribute to the future development of targeted therapies. His work involves close collaboration between neurology, pain, palliative medicine, and imaging specialists.

The Rowling Scholars Clinical Academic Training Scheme is one of the cornerstones of our research activities, delivering PhD training for clinical academics whose primary research interest is in neurodegeneration or a closely related field. The Rowling Scholars scheme provides pilot funding to support clinical training fellowship applications. Fellows then undertake a three-year PhD training period providing parallel research and clinical training. The scheme provides access to the world-leading expertise and cutting-edge facilities at the Clinic and affiliated Edinburgh research centres.

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