MS Biotin Study

26 September 2017

The Anne Rowling Clinic is participating in an exciting international study which is looking at the safety and efficacy of high-dose Biotin (MD1003) in participants with progressive multiple sclerosis. Our site will recruit a small number of people with either primary or secondary progressive MS, who will consent to taking a new investigational drug called MD1003 (high-dose Biotin).

Biotin is a vitamin that is normally present in food and is needed for energy production in cells. It could also help with myelin repair. In previous studies, it was shown that the use of biotin at high doses (300 mg/day, which corresponds to 10,000 times the amount usually present in the average diet) may slow the progression of clinical signs in participants with progressive MS.

The study involves 11 visits to the Anne Rowling Clinic over 28 months. The study visits will include a physical examination, blood test, questionnaires and ECG (heart tracing). Participants will get a 50/50 chance of being on the investigational drug or placebo. Part way through the trial, all participants will have the opportunity to take the investigational drug. 

You may be eligible to participate in the "Biotin Study" if you have progressive MS and are aged 18 - 65. Other criteria apply so please discuss with your MS nurse or consultant.

Clinical Trial Information

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