Speech and Language Therapists tour the Clinic

27 January 2014

On the 14th January, Dr Phillipa Rewaj invited Lothian speech and language therapists to the Anne Rowling Clinic to hear about the Voicebank and other research projects including the Edinburgh Cognitive ALS Screen, MND-SMART and the LINCHPIN research into intracerebral haemorrhage.

Therapists also had the opportunity to try out some of the tools being developed as part of the Voicebank project and gave us some valuable feedback. The event was well attended by therapists working in community, rehab and acute services, and many have already expressed an interest in coming back again to bank their voices!

The Voicebank project aims to create personalised synthetic voices for use in communication aids. It is run through the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND research; you can find out more about it here: Euan MacDonald Centre Clinical Research.

Dr Phillipa Rewaj has a background in linguistics and trained as a speech and language therapist. In 2009 Phillipa started her PhD working with Dr Thomas Bak and Dr Sharon Abrahams investigating the nature of language impairment in MND. She completed her PhD last year and now works at the Clinic on the Voicebank project.

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