The Rowling Scholars Clinical Academic Training Scheme

The Rowling Scholars scheme is a flagship training fellowship scheme for aspiring top clinical academics in any field related to Regenerative Neuroscience.

The expansion of world-class translational research as a priority in the UK is vitally dependent on a fluent cross-talk between basic scientists in the lab and hospital-based clinicians. Yet no matter how successful, these two essential partners speak largely different languages, are equipped with different skills, and use different tools to approach problems.

A clinician-scientist can bridge that gap.

Regenerative Neurology: the medicine of the future

Working in Regenerative Neurology you will be at the heart of the emerging discipline of Regenerative Medicine: pioneering state-of-the-art new approaches to problems that would have seem insurmountable only a few years ago, and tackling common brain diseases for which there are no effective treatments.

Undertaking a training fellowship with a Rowling Scholarship can provide the foundation on which to build a successful career as a future leader in academic medicine or translational neuroscience.

The Rowling Scholars scheme aims to attract, inspire and nurture the next generation of regenerative clinicians - neuroscientists.

Professor Siddharthan Chandran, Director of the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic

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